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Recognizing the significance of fluid biomarkers and their role in disease progression and therapy response is crucial for the success of clinical trials. Identifying and selecting biomarkers during the pre-clinical stages can lead to a 164% higher success rate in Phase II-III clinical trials.


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Uncover a Multitude of Insights from a Single Sample. Experience DNA, RNA, and Protein Analysis for faster, more sensitive results with proven PCR technology, multiplexed for more comprehensive answers.

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Codetta Bio Platform

One instrument, One workflow, comprehensive answers
Transforming Timelines, Efficiency and Savings with the Codetta Solution

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Multi-omics & Multiplexed

Transform time-saving: Cut analysis time from 2 Days to Just 2 Hours, allowing for faster decision-making and more efficient processes.

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Enhanced Sensitivity

Combining the precision of digital PCR with the dynamic range of qPCR enables multiplex biomarker measurement at fM levels.

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Rapidly Customizable

Replace separate instruments with one all-in-one solution. A single, multifunctional instrument reduces the need for multiple tools, streamlining workflows, reducing costs, and saving space.

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Easy to Adopt

Adopt a fully-integrated workflow with a simple setup and two- to three-hour assay run time.

One instrument, one Workflow, Comprehensive answers

“Our strategy is to develop an integrated platform that redefines multi-omics and sets a new standard of capability in the mid-plex translational research and clinical markets.”


Jacques Corriveau
CEO, Codetta BioTM


Advancing biomarker detection & multiplexing capabilities

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Our team has been diligently working to establish a new standard in research and diagnostic capabilities. Comprising dedicated employees and key opinion leaders spanning various industries and specializations — from academic labs to the biopharma sector — we eagerly anticipate unveiling a future where multiplex biomarker measurements are seamlessly integrated into a single powerful platform.